Thursday, 11 July 2019

Johnson Is Trump's Tame Poodle

The Kim Darroch affair shows that Boris Johnson is Trump's tame poodle.  The irony is that Brexit was fought by Johnson and others under the banner of "bring back control", and UK sovereignty, whereas what this affair has shown, is that as Britain is heading out of the EU, it has suffered an historic diminution of control and national sovereignty.   Johnson will turn Britain into a US colony, and a vassal state afraid to say boo to the US goose, and necessarily doing the US's bidding.

That means that when it comes to a trade deal, the US will screw Britain to the wall, in the same way larger companies are able to screw their smaller competitors, suppliers and customers.  It means to get a trade deal with the US, whether Trump is President or not, the UK will have to accept US standards, so as to allow in chlorinated chicken, GM manipulated foods, as well as opening up the NHS and other public services to large US companies to come and take over.  It means that any idea that Britain could negotiate independent trade deals with China, India or other large and growing economies is a fantasy, because the US would insist that it had an effective veto over such deals, in the same way it has written in a veto to NAFTA to prevent Canada or Mexico doing deals with China and other countries that the US disapproves.  An indication of that has already been seen with the US pressure on Britain over Wuawei. 

And, of course, the most damaging element of that will mean that because US standards on things like foodstuffs contradict the higher standards existing in the EU, it would essentially cut Britain off from trade with its major trading partner - the EU.  It would turn the UK into simply a dumping ground for US companies, and a convenient place for US corporations to use as a tax haven as the Tory Right, and their Faragist allies try to look after the interests of their own class fraction.  It would mean that in addition to Johnson and Farage's friends from the Russian oligarchy using London as their own version of 1950's Havana, they will be joined by similar unsavoury elements from the US.

That is the future for Britain whoever is the US President, but under Trump or someone like him, it will be just more obvious that that is the case.  We have seen in recent days that its not just in the US that Russian money from Putin's regime was used to rig the elections.  Before that, it was used to rig the EU referendum in favour of Brexit.  It was used to finance Le Pen's election campaign in France.  It has interfered in elections across Europe to support right-wing nationalist parties, and movements via a series of networks, a part of which was exposed in relation to Cambridge Analytica.  Now its been revealed by Buzzfeed that Russian money went to finance Salvini's right-wing nationalists in Italy.

None of this is coincidental.  As I wrote some time ago, it may seem contradictory that extreme right-wing nationalists might form their own international organisation, but it is a contradiction based on reality.  The extreme nationalists of Hitler's Nazis formed such an international alliance with Mussolini's extreme nationalists in Italy; they formed an alliance with the extreme nationalists in Japan; the extreme nationalists of Zionism sought an alliance both with Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy, to fight Britain, in order to create the state of Israel, and so on.  And, indeed many of the same ideas of National Bolshevism that arose out of that era, both in Germany, as well as in Russia, and in Israel underpin the ideology of many of those that are part of this alliance today.

Not all.  National Bolshevism is based upon Strasserite fascism.  It implies an "anti-capitalist" rhetoric that hides an underlying state capitalist, economic nationalist agenda, based upon a strong state, and state intervention in the economy, in support of large businesses.  That agenda is seen in Russia and China, similar arguments are made by Le Pen in France and by other Far Right groups.  Other on the Brexit Right on the other hand, Libertarians like Rees-Mogg, would be appalled at such an agenda.  They are reactionaries in the true sense of the term.  They want to turn the economic clock back to the 18th century, or early 19th century, and to take the state out of the economy almost entirely, and to favour the small businesses on which they are based at the expense of the large businesses that National Bolshevism is based upon.  As I wrote recently, if Brexit were to happen, the dreams of the Moggites would soon be shown to be a fantasy, leading inexorably to the asendancy of the National Bolshevik wing of that extreme nationalism.

There is clearly an international organisation of these extreme right-wing nationalist groups and parties.  It is well financed, and is well connected with its own media outlets, such as Breitbart, Spiked and so on, with equivalents in every country where this international organisation exists.  The trips of some of its more visible proponents such as Steve Bannon, across the globe, the existence now even of schools and training camps for these right-wing nationalists is evidence of it.  They have learned some of the lessons both of Stalinism, and of the Saudi regime which has financed the creation of Madrassas across the globe to ferment the spread of its own Wahabi ideology.

The links between these various extreme right-wing nationalists be it Trump and Putin, Farage and Trump, Farage and Putin, Trump and Johnson, Johnson and Farage, Le Pen and Putin, and so on and so forth are not even hidden, they are out in plain sight for all to see, as is the money that flows from Putin and his associates to the Tory Party and elsewhere to support right-wing nationalists.  Whilst the BBC runs ridiculous hatchet jobs on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour over anti-Semitism, the Tory Party, and its representatives in the British Board of Jewish Deputies, welcome and hob nob with the openly anti-Semitic Trump, welcome the election of the vile anti-Semite, Orban in Hungary, and the British Tories sit in an electoral bloc in the European Parliament with a series of anti-Semitic, and vile mysogynistic and homophobic parties, with not one peep of criticism from the BBC or the Tory media.

So far, all we have had is a damning account of the role of Cambridge Analytica, undertaken by Channel 4 News and the Guardian, whose only real result seems to have been that CA closed down, no doubt only to appear in some other form.  But, nothing has happened, no further investigation into those within the right-wing nationalists in Britain has been done since.  Now we see the leaking of the Kim Darroch internal e-mails, rather like the leaking of Hillary Clinton's e-mails ahead of the US presidential campaign.  There is a clear pattern of behaviour and modus operandii here.  The clear gainers from that leak has been Boris Johnson, Farage and the Briexiteers, who seek to clear out anyone who might be a thorn in the side of them whoring out Britain to Trump.  Its no surprise that Johnson failed to provide even the most basic support for Darroch, whilst the vile Richard Tyce appeared on Newsnight, not to criticise Trump for his outrageous attack on Britain, or Johnson for failing to stand up for British interests against Trump, but instead to attack Darroch for having said in a private assessment what every one else in the world knows, which is that Trump's administration is chaotic and incompetent, and Trump himself is inept and insecure.

This is the future for Brexit Britain.  It will either have to choose to retain its alignment with its largest trading partner the EU, which rationally means scrapping Brexit, or else accepting a  role of dependency on the EU, without any say in the rules and regulations it has to accept to stay in that arrangement, or else it will have to become a vassal of the United States, and thereby increasingly cut its links with Europe and the rest of the world, which would quickly reduce the UK to the level of a small economically weak, third rate state.  Johnson, and the Fargists, prefer this latter option.  That decision is ideologically driven, on the basis of a furthering of right-wing nationalist ideology.  But, as I wrote some time ago, it is also driven by the fact that this international right-wing alliance is channelling substantial sums of money into organisations across the globe to pursue that same nationalist agenda.

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