Saturday, 20 June 2009

19 Shot, protests Spread To Isfahan and Shiraz

According to CNN tonight 19 people have been shot by the Iranian clerical-fascists on the streets of Tehran today. CNN 19 Shot Dead . But, as john Simpson of the BBC stated, today could have turned out to be a turning point. On previous days the state has not tried to prevent demonstrators congregating. Today they had made it clar they would, and hundreds of armed police, as well as teh Bassiji storm troopers were out on the streets. Yet, still tens if not hundreds of thousands of protesters turned out in Tehran alone, and were too strong for the state to prevent them dominating the streets, despite being shot at, and repeated attacks with tar gas, as well as more crude tactics by he Bassiji, who use razors to slash at their victims.

But, tonight CNN also reports tht there have been widespread protests in Isfahan and Shiraz, two of the other big Iranian cities.

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