Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Postcapitalism - Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Neoliberalism Is Broken

Conservative Social-Democracy and Financial Crises

The Delusion of Fictitious Capital

The Progressive Social-Democratic Alternative

The Roots of 2008

Fiat Money

The Imbalanced World

The Zombie System

Chapter 2 - Long Waves, Short Memories

Crises, Profits and Cycles

Overproduction, Profit and Innovation

Uptrends, Downtrends and Accumulation

The Long Wave Uptrend

Chapter 3 - Was Marx Right

Marx's Law of The Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall, and Crises

Marx and The Profits Squeeze

Marx and the Genesis of the New System - Socialised Capital, Credit, and Co-operatives

The Role of the State

The Rate of Profit

Innovation and Accumulation

Accumulation and The Long Wave

Socialised and Fictitious Capital

Socialised Capital v Fictitious Capital

Chapter 4 - The Long, Disrupted Wave

Imperialism - The Most Dynamic Stage of Capitalism

The Postwar Boom

Fictitious Capital and the Neoliberal Mindset

A Disrupted and Distorted Wave

The Resumption of the Fifth Wave

Chapter 5- The Prophets Of Postcapitalism

The Information Revolution

The Value of Information

The Price of Information

A New Technocratic Elite

A New Ruling Elite?

Exogenous Technological Change

The Role of Technology

Zero Marginal Costs

Socialised Capital

Chapter 6 - Towards The Free Machine

The Labour Theory of Value

The Value of Labour

Profit and Surplus Value

Marx's Critics

Machines and Productivity

Scarcity, Marginal Utility and Demand

Scarcity and Abundance

Machines, Value, Labour and Labour-Power

Labour, Labour-Power and Surplus Value

Technology, Productivity and Profit

Unit Values, Gross and Net Revenue

Chapter 7 - Beautiful Troublemakers

The Failure of Social Democracy and the Failure of The Left

The Centrality of The Workplace

Nihilism v Class Consciousness

1771 - 1848

1848 - 1948

Marx v Lenin?

Reason In Revolt

Progressive v Conservative Social Democracy I

Chapter 8 - On Transitions

The Property Question

Chapter 9 - The Rational Case For Panic

Malthus Lives

Chapter 10 - Project Zero

The Dissolution of Capital Within The Capitalist System 

Blowing Bubbles

Markets and Plans


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