Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Darroch Resignation Encourages Trump and Other Tyrants

The decision of Sir Kim Darroch to resign as British Ambassador to the US, following the childish attacks on him by Donald Trump, is being portrayed as the act of a professional diplomat, acting to prevent embarrassment and discomfort for the government he represents.  Maybe, but the consequence of his actions is the opposite of what any professional diplomat should seek to achieve.  Darroch's resignation will now prompt a flood of triumphalist tweets from Trump, about how he had forced the sacking of a "wacky", "pompous" "idiot".  It will only encourage Trump to engage in further self-adulation, and further bullying of like manner.  It simply encourages Trump in the belief, that is not itself without foundation, that Britain, and even more so, when it is outside the EU, is just a colony of the United States that he can force to do his bidding simply by launching into a Twitter storm.

What is worse is that the message Darroch's resignation sends will now go out, not just to Trump, but to every other crackpot ruler, and tyrant across the globe that if Britain does something they do not like, or some British representative says something they do not like, all they have to do is to say they will not deal with their diplomats, and Britain will meekly comply and withdraw them.  This is just another example of the way Brexit, rather than bringing bak sovereignty to Britain, simply reduces its standing in the world, and makes it a plaything of larger and more powerful states across the world, the number of which is growing larger, as Britain's economy and status continues its long-term decline.

According to the FT, Darroch has resigned after he watched the debate between Johnson and Hunt, in which Johnson made it clear that he was prepared to throw Darroch and other diplomats under the bus, rather than defend them against attacks from Trump.  This shows not only Johnson's spinlessness, but his political and diplomatic incompetence, as has previously been witnessed in relation to his time as a bumbling Foreign Secretary in the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, his recital of colonial era Kipling poems and so on.  It shows that Britain after Brexit will be desperate to whore itself out to Trump, or anyone else it thinks it can get some succour from, as with its sales of arms by prostrating itself before the vile Saudi regime.

So much also for the idiotic ideas of the Lexiters that Brexit would somehow open up a landscape of progressive development rather than this continued slide into the reactionary sewer, and occupying the role of straight man to Trump and Bojo's clown act.

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