Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Is Trump Senile?

Donald Trump has claimed that he did not know British Ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darroch, despite having been pictured with him on several occasions.  Has he actually forgotten that he has met him on these occasions?  It could, of course, be that his comment is just one of his usual idiotic attempts to disrespect anyone he has a gripe against.  On the other hand, its not the first time he has demonstrated such lapses of memory.

During his election campaign, for example, he remarked on several occasions what a good job Wikileaks was doing in revealing documents and e-mails from Hillary Clinton, asking them to please print more of them.  More recently, he has claimed not to know anything about or to have any interest in Wikileaks.  That again could be explained by Trump's habitual lying.  According to the Washington Post, they have recorded over 10,000 instances in which he lied, and his lies are usually so obvious that they do not take a great deal of investigation to uncover.  So, now claiming not to know anything about Wikileaks can be explained not by his brain deteriorating, and his memory leaving a great deal to be desired, but simply a desire to distance himself from Wikileaks and Assange.

There have been many other such lapses of memory that could be explained by this propensity for lying, for saying something different today to what you said yesterday, and to deny knowledge of things, so as to distance yourself from allegations that the Mueller Inquiry, and other investigations continually throw up in relation to Trump's behaviour.  But, there is also the instance of Trump's claim on his recent state visit not to know Michael Gove.  He had no reason to disrespect Gove, other than to relatively boost Boris Johnson who he praised, so its unlikely that his failing memory in that regard was due to one of his frequent petulant childish tantrums, as might explain his behaviour in respect of Darroch.  Yet, only a year or so before, Michael Gove had sat with Trump for more than an hour, doing an interview with him, that many saw as being a rather fawning attempt by Gove to curry favour with Trump, ahead of what would inevitably be a future Tory leadership contest.  Both Gove and Theresa May have now seen how much fawning to Trump is likely to lead him to spurn your advances when the sycophancy is not sycophantic enough, or when Trump's attention is attracted by something shiny elsewhere.

So, its likely that Trump actually doesn't remember some of these people.  His attention span, after all appears to be rather like that of a goldfish, which as it swims around its bowl, repeats each time to itself "Oh look a castle."  

Looking at Trump's recent tweets in response to the leaking of Darroch's assessment of the US regime, they have all of the maturity of the kindergarten, but without the intellectual rigour.  They read like the idiotic ranting of an Internet troll, seeking to encourage a flame war rather than the considered opinion of a rational individual let alone the US President, who has his finger on the nuclear trigger.  Trump has not only attacked Darroch, but also Theresa May, after she failed to jump to Trump's commands.  Trump has attacked her over the failed Brexit negotiations, and attempted to link Darroch to those negotiations, presumably not knowing that those negotiations are with the EU not the US.  Trump referred to his own idiotic suggestion to May that she should "sue" the EU, though, of course, he has not said actually who should be sued, where, how, and what for!  This remember is from the man who claims to be the master of the art of the deal.  On this basis, its no wonder he went bust four times.

Trump's latest tweets, in which he claims to have been told that Darrock is "pompous" and so on, read like a spoiled child, but given Trump's age, we would have to conclude that this is due to him entering his second childhood, rather than the immaturity of the first.  Trump clearly does suffer from some form of mental problem, whether it is dementia, senility or whether it is just his narcissistic personality disorder that presents in that manner.  It is compounded by the fact that he is a moron who does not realise he is a moron, probably because having been born into immense wealth, he has never had anyone around him to tell him he is a dick head.  He brags about the size of his "big brain", but all that everyone else can see is a huge melon of a head, inside of which very little cerebral ever occurs.

The more worrying thing is, what does the fact that such a self-absorbed moron can get elected in the US, say about the country itself, and all those that elected him.  The US, after all is not some third world country still mired in medieval mysticism, but the most technologically advanced country in the world, with the nuclear arsenal to destroy humanity many times over.

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