Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Kim and Saggy

So, Fat Boy Kim and Smelly Trump have had their historic meeting.  And the result as expected is just hot air.

Trump can spew out as many superlatives as he likes, but the fact is that this meeting amounted to nothing but a waste of jet fuel.  We all know that Kim is not going to give up nuclear weapons.  The only question is what the moronic Trump can be persuaded to give to him for nothing in return, just as he handed freebies to his pal Netanyahu, over Jerusalem, for nothing in return.

The media keep playing along saying that maybe Trump actually is a genius deal maker after all.  No he isn't.  Every analysis of the deals he has done has shown him to be completely incompetent.  He is a dolt.  The media have to keep talking in those terms, because what would it say about the state of western democracy, indeed western civilisation, to have to admit that the President of the United States, the man with his trigger on the nuclear button that could blow up the planet several times over, the man who has been elected by the people of the United States no less, having first been selected as a candidate by the cream of the country's Republican political elite, is a complete and utter moron?

But, even worse than having to admit that such a moron could ever become the President of the United States, for the bourgeois media, is having to admit that such a moron could become a rich businessman, supposedly a billionaire, and head of a large corporation.  A whole chunk of bourgeois ideology is based upon the idea of meritocracy, of the idea that people become rich because they work hard, have some particular skill, talent, or intellect.  Trump has none of those things.  He inherited his wealth from his parents, apparently lost it, because he is such a bad businessman, and then mysteriously acquired wealth again, although to be fair when capitalists see their businesses go bust, because of their own incompetence, that incompetence rarely extends to not having ensured that their private wealth was secured away from their creditors.  It is always the workers in those companies that suffer the consequences of losing their jobs and livelihoods, not the capitalists.

The bourgeois media has to keep up the ridiculous pretence about Trump, like the story about the Emperor's new clothes, because whilst its one thing for such a cretin to bring further ridicule upon politicians and politics, its another for people to peep behind the curtains and see that the whole story told about why the rich are rich, is a complete and utter lie.

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