Saturday, 30 June 2018

Danny Dyer Nails It

Danny Dyer nailed it over the unfolding disaster that is Brexit.  Cameron launched into the EU referendum simply to deal with problems inside the Tory Party.  Having caused all of this chaos, he has now buggered off.  That isn't as bad as some though.  One of the chief Brextremists is Nigel Lawson.  Lawson regularly appears on TV to spout a load of incoherent shit over Brexit, or denying climate change and so on, but at the same time, he can't help himself in pointing out that while he still sits in the House of Lords, making law on all this crap, he actually lives the life of Riley over in France!!!!  These are people who oppose the EU on the basis of lies about EU laws being made by unelected, and remote bureaucrats!

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg some of those spouting opposition to the EU, and calling for Brexit, connected to the financial markets, were able to make a killing by betting against the Pound, on the basis of private polls, whilst leading the markets ahead of the referendum result to think that the Remain Camp had won.

But, this is no different to the way capitalism itself runs.  We are told that capitalists make big profits because they take big risks.  Crap.  Its workers that take all the risk.  Since the passing of the Limited Liability Act, in 1855, shareholders liability for the losses of any company is limited only to the what they have paid for their shares.  So, a big company like Carillion can go bust owing billions, but the shareholders, who have often got the money they paid for their shares back in dividends many times over, only lose what they paid for the shares.  All the other creditors of the company just fail to get paid, and as we've seen in lots of cases that includes all the workers, who not only might not get any outstanding wages, but who also may lose tens of thousands of pounds of their pension they have paid into for years.

In the meantime the capitalists big or small, when the firm goes bust, have usually made sure they have pocketed loads of dosh beforehand.  They make sure to keep their private wealth separate from that of the firm, so when they declare the firm bankrupt, it doesn't affect their private wealth.  They have enough money left to simply start another business, or retire.  But, the workers who had no opportunity to have any say in the stupid or reckless decisions the capitalists made that led to the firm going bust, lose their jobs, and their livelihoods.  They are the ones taking the real risk, and the ones left with all the shit that results from it.

The chaos and iniquity of Brexit, is really just a reflection of the chaos and iniquity of capitalism itself.

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