Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Mass Rallies and Support For Corbyn and Tory media Bias

Up and down the country, tens of thousands of ordinary working people have been turning out spontaneously to hear and support Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.  Yet not one word is written in the Tory press, (even those that claim to be Labour or "liberal") not one clip is shown on the Tory media.  The bias is palpable and disturbing given the extreme right-wing authoritarian nature of Theresa may and the Tories.

We are told that ordinary working people do not support Corbyn, and so its obvious why they do not report this mass social support for Corbyn.  They are creating a narrative in which that is true, and where everyone is led to perpetuate the meme that Corbyn is unpopular, and so on.  That reality was grasped and laid out by Rag and Bone Man in the clip below.

But the extent of the rallies is truly phenomenal, and only matched by the phenomenal arrogance and bias of the mainstream media that thinks that in an age of social media it can continue to get away with deliberately failing to report it.  Below are some of the videos showing the extent of the support across the country particularly here in the North, for Corbyn, and the change he is promising for Labour and for the country.

Jeremy Corbyn on The Wirral

Corbyn turned up on spec to The Libertines Concert at Tranmere Rovers Football Ground

Jeremy Corbyn at Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire


Corbyn in Leeds

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