Friday, 26 May 2017

Corbyn Speech On Terrorism and Security

Jeremy Corbyn in his speech today on terrorism and security quite clearly and quite correctly stated that the abhorrent attack by Islamist terrorists against civilians including children in Manchester can in now way be excused by any reference to the behaviour of the British state itself.  Yet, the Tories have attacked Corbyn as though he had said something completely different and in opposition to what he actually said.  In fact, ever since Monday, the Tories and their storm troopers in the gutter press have done all they could to link the outrageous attack in Manchester with Corbyn's supposed support for terrorism.  That they blatantly lie about his speech now is simply par for the course of how they engage in barre faced lies, in their arrogant belief that they can get away with it.  And, of course if left to the Tory media, and even some sections of the right of the Labour Party they would.

Having shown Corbyn's speech in its entirety once during the day when most people are at work, the media can be relied on not to show it in full again at peak times, whilst they will allow the Tories and Labour right to lie about its contents and to spread their narrative ad nauseum, in every subsequent news and current affairs broadcast.  Increasingly, social media, and the use of the Internet is undermining the ability of the Tory media to get away with the lies they have perpetrated in the past.

Perhaps it is because increasingly the public are getting to see a truth that stands in stark contrast to the narrative that the Tories, the Tory media, and the Labour Right have been purveying that has resulted in the surge of support for Corbyn's Labour.  A huge swing to a large Labour majority in the polls in Wales has already occurred, and in the UK as a whole, the Tory lead that we were told once stood at 24%, has now been slashed to just 5%, with the momentum hugely in favour of Corbyn's Labour.

Share the video below, and show just how much is the case that either the Tories simply do not understand basic concepts that conflict with their world view, or else have become so used to lying that they do not recognise the truth when it stares them in the face.

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