Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Bizarre Tim Farron

I have felt that some of the pronouncements of Tim Farron of late have been increasingly removed from reality.  Taken in consideration of the Liberals proposals for legalising cannabis, perhaps an explanation for their surreal nature could be gleaned.  However, watching Tiny Tim on the Sunday politics shows today led me to believe that even the influence of narcotics cannot explain the bizarre nature of the Liberals arguments.

The argument put forward is an extension of the Alice in Wonderland politics by which Farron has been saying since the election was called that the Liberals were the only real opposition to the Tories, despite the fact that the Liberals have only 9 MP's, and that this is the same Liberal Party that just two years ago was a part of the coalition of chaos with the Tories, that led the country into its current sorry state!

Farron's argument now is that Labour is likely to lose at least 90 seats in the election.  Indeed, Farron seems intent on doing everything possible to convince everyone that the Liberals former coalition partners in the Tory Party will achieve such a result.  So, what is Farron's bizarre solution to the Tories obtaining a landslide majority, as a result of taking these seats from Labour?  It is that everyone should vote Liberal, despite the fact that were they to do so, it would indeed split the anti-Tory vote, and let the Tories in, giving them the landslide victory that Farron predicts!

Even Farron admits that they only have the possibility of picking up a handful of their former seats in the South-West, so the result would be of people voting Liberal, that in most of the country where the fight is a straight one between Labour and Tories, a Liberal vote will split the anti-Tory vote letting the Tories in, whilst the only potential positive would be that the Liberals might go from their current 9 seats to say 15.  Even that seems unlikely.  The truth is that their coalition of chaos with the Tories in 2010, showed everyone the true nature of the Liberals as a second rate Tory Party.  Most of the Liberals who held the deluded view that they might be some progressive force have been relieved of that misconception, so that the only people who might vote Liberal are its own free market wing, who think that the Tories are too protectionist.  Its now probable the Liberals will end up with even fewer seats than they have now.

And good riddance too.

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George Carty said...

At least Richard Baum (the candidate selected by the Lib Dems to contest Bury North: a key Tory-Labour marginal) seems to have recognized logic: he's urging his supporters to vote Labour in order to stop the Tories.