Saturday, 28 May 2011

Northern Soul Classics - Scratchy - Travis Wammack

Its one of those Marmite records. Either you love it or you hate it. I love it. Scratchy was a big Northern dancer at the Twisted Wheel in the late 60's, and transferred to the Torch. In the late 60's I was DJ'ing at my local Youth Club, and as well as buying records every week from Bews, I was also looking for other records that were harder to get hold of, via a string of record lists advertised in magazines such as "Blues and Soul". I eventually got hold of two copies of Scratchy. Although, the Top Rank where me and my mates went on a Saturday night was like most other discos playing Northern in 1970, it was not then really a Northern Soul venue - half way through the night the house Band, the Bob Potter Nyne would come on via a rotating stage, and lots of older folk would come on to do a bit of bopping. So when I took along a copy of Scratchy for the DJ to play, it bombed, clearing the floor. To paraphrase Marty McFly, "I guess they weren't quite ready for that yet."

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