Tuesday, 3 May 2011

No Tears For Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden is dead. Workers and socialists should shed no tears for his passing. Like many before him, and many to come, he started out as a tool of US imperialism, and ended up as another expendable agent. Whether he was an enemy of Imperialism is then debatable. But, in any case he was no friend of ours.

Our regret should be that, once again, an enemy of the working class and progress was dealt with not by the working class, but by our class enemies. In doing so, our class enemies have, once again, asserted their right to act as global policemen, walking into yet another sovereign state, in order to carry out an assassination - its no wonder that Israel considers opposition to similar acts it commits, rather hypocritical. The US and its Imperialist allies are clearly trying to do the same thing in Libya, before installing their own puppet regime there.

The reason we should oppose such actions by the US, or any other Imperialist power, is simple. They will not be acting in OUR interest, but against it. We should be under no illusion that, having established its right, to carry out such interventions, should workers ever establish anything approaching a Workers Government, let alone a Workers State, the Imperialists would use all the tools of their ideological and media monopoly to paint it in the same light, as a prelude to bombing the hell out of it. Those who claim to be on the Left, but who fail to oppose the actions of the Imperialists, in Libya and elsewhere, themselves act as agents of that Imperialism, either unconsciously or otherwise.

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