Saturday, 14 May 2011

Northern Soul Classics - I've Got The Fever - Creation

Well I did think of featuring "Delilah" in honour of Stoke's appearance in the Cup, but, although Tom Jones has done a number of Northern Soul toons, Delilah isn't one of them. Instead, its back to the 100 mph, roll back the carpets, Northern dancers.

"I've Got The Fever",was first released under the name of The Prophets, before they changed their name to Creation.
I remember it from the Torch, but most associate it, with Saturday nights at the Top Rank in Hanley, which had a great huge dancefloor downstairs, where one night I had a dance off with John Oldfield, which went on for about 10 minutes, during which time everyone else stopped dancing and a huge arc of people formed around us, and people in the balcony were congrated and looking on. After both of us had gone through a whole repertoire of foot movements, and tricks - I can remember a favourite one of mine of diving over my mates back to land in a forward roll, and into a back-drop, John's mate who was the DJ, Chris Williams, brought it to an end by playing Jackie Wilson's "The Who, Who Song" on a fast speed.

Watching the video here, and seeing some of the back drops takes me back.

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