Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dateline London - Immigration Discussion

There was actually quite a good discussion about Immigration on BBC's Dateline London today. Of course, some of the right-wing journalists, like most of the right who complain that the Left don't want to discuss Immigration, actually DIDN'T want to discuss Immigration when that discussion actually tackled the normal assumptions that debate is placed within, when the idea that ranting about Eastern Europeans flooding into Britain, did represent a type of bigotry that is rampant within British society.

Of course, the Right only want to discuss Immigration in terms of how harsh should be the controls to prevent it, they certainly do not want to discuss the idea that there should be no controls on Immigration, that such controls are racist, and that the discussion over controls simply scapegoat one group of workers for the problems of some other group. In fact, interviewed on TV yesterday, BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin, openly admitted that his friends the bosses should be perfectly free to discriminate in who they employ, not just against foreigners, but against women, the disabled, gays or whoever else they chose! So much for the BNP's claims to be the workers' friend!!!

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