Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Guardian & Labour

What is all this nonsene over the Guardian and Labour. For years prior to New Labour, the Guardian was a Liberal newspaper. Even when it has supported New Labour, its Liberal/SDP columnists like Polly Toynbee have supported only the right-wing of New Labour! Of course, it is easy for a Liberal newspaper like the Guardian to support the right-wing of New Labour, when it is the only game in town. There is no more surprise that under the current conditions the Guardian decides to support the Liberals, than that the Murdoch Sun, supports the tories, or that the bosses organisations came out in support of the Tories economic policies!

What it does demonstrate is the need for a decent mass circulation Labour paper - not just the right-wing Labourism of the Daily Mirror - or better still the development of a good quality Labour Movement Internet based TV station. The technology means that it could be achieved at quite affordaable cost if gthe whole Labour Movement backed it. There are plenty of socialist journalists, media workers etc. to staff it, and we have some of the most creative people avialable, like Ken Loach, not to mention dozens of entertainers etc. - that could provide the necessary quality, and spark to make it a success. And as many other aspects of new technology have shown the viral nature of the Net, means that once the ball had started to roll for such an outlet, it could quickly expand to challenge the bourgeois media.

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