Tuesday, 31 July 2018

There Was Nothing Wrong With Pete Wilsman's NEC Comments

The hyperbole and hypocrisy from the Labour Right, and Jewish Tories over Pete Wilsman's comments at the NEC are symptomatic of the way those groups have weaponised anti-Semitism, as a means of attacking Corbyn and his supporters.  Having lost the political arguments, the Labour Right are resorting to their old, tried and tested methods of bureaucratic manoeuvre and expulsions.  That their is a confluence of interest between the Labour Right, and Jewish Tories to attack Corbyn, and his supports should tell ordinary Labour Party members all they need to know, and to understand why those groups have been making such a song and dance over the issue of the IHRA examples, supported by the Tory media.

The truth is that there was nothing wrong, and certainly nothing anti-Semitic about Wilsman's comments.  He basically only said what I also said a couple of days ago.  The fact is that organisations such as the British Board of Jewish Deputies, and the Jewish Leadership Council, are led by avowed Tories.  It is also true that some of those leaders did welcome the election of Donald Trump - Arkush Welcomes Election of Trump -  and they have also supported the overtly anti-Semitic Victor Orban in Hungary, as did the Bonapartist regime of Netanyahu, in Israel, because of Orban's opposition to George Soros.  When Bojo described Orban as "a friend", the Jewish Tories again refused to criticise him.  Contrast that to the repeated reference to Corbyn describing a series of speakers at a meeting as "friends".

It's also true that these Jewish Tories have had nothing to say about the fact that David Cameron took the Tories out of the European People's Party bloc in the European Parliament, and took them into the group of European Conservatives and Reformists, a group that is stuffed full of anti-Semites, homophobes, racists, and bigots of all sorts, including those that can be described in no other way other than being Neo-Nazis!

The hypocrisy of the Jewish Tories, and their allies within the labour Right, it appears has no bounds.  When Corbyn, glanced a small image on a smartphone of a mural that he mistakenly believed was about bankers exploiting society, and attempts to remove it, the Tories and the Tory media jumped all over him, when on closer inspection, and on a much larger screen, it becomes clear that those depicted in it, are Jewish stereotypes.  Not, of course, at the time that he had actually tweeted his support - when will politicians learn to avoid Twitter like the plague - but only months later, when the campaign of Labour's Right to try to find a peg on which to hang their smear campaign against him had trawled through the Interweb to find something.  Yet, when Tory MP, Michael Fabricant, tweeted a cartoon depicting London Mayor, Sadiq Khan as a pig, being mounted by another pig, an image that, even on a smartphone was clear and unambiguous, he is allowed to just get away with it, after having given a pathetic apology.  Where all the Tory media demands for his immediate resignation from Parliament?

The fact is that whilst there is undoubtedly some Left Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, that flows over from hostility to Israel, as a racist and colonialist state, and whilst there is a  much smaller amount of traditional Anti-Semitism in the party - just as in the past there were significant numbers of members whose views were racist, misogynistic and homophobic - the reality is that it is the Tory Party, that has far more members that are guilty of that bigotry than is the Labour Party.

Wilsman is absolutely correct.  The Labour Right, having lost the political arguments, having lost the votes for Leader, for the NEC and so on, have looked for any basis they can find to attack Corbyn and his supporters.  They have found common cause with Jewish Tories, and with apologists for Israel, who see Corbyn's support for Palestinian democratic rights as a threat.  It is not conspiracy theory to look at an organisation like BICOM, and to see that a number of its leading officers are also former officials within the Israeli state, not to notice the overlap between BICOm, and that group of Right-wing Labour MP's, and Labour members that are part of the campaign against Corbyn.

The criticism of Wilsman, like the criticism of Livingstone previously, and with the charges being levied against dozens of Labour Party activists, comes down to the fact, not that what they have said is Anti-Semitic, or untrue, but that the truthful and factual statements they have made cause offence to a very small group of Jewish Labour MP's, their supporters, and to Jewish Tories.  They give offence, not because they are Anti-Semitic, or untrue, but precisely because they are not Anti-Semitic or untrue.  They give offence, because they bring to light facts about the state of Israel, and its Zionist supporters that they would really not want bringing to light, or have discussed.  They give offence to that minority, precisely because they are not Anti-Semitic, or untrue, but because they are Anti-Zionist, and thereby illustrate the difference between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism, a difference that the Zionists have tried might and mane to eradicate, which is why they have made such a fuss over Labour's clarification of the examples attached to the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism.

Unfortunately, because Labour's leadership has continually vacillated, and made concessions to the Labour Right, and bent to Tory media pressure, they have simply encouraged the Tories and the Labour Right, now working openly in concert, to press ahead further with their attacks, and demands for capitulation, and expulsions.  But, its not just the Labour Leadership that has done that.  The same has been true of Momentum, which has become the personal fiefdom of John Lansman.  Its an example of another organisation the left sects effectively destroyed.  They did their normal thing of infiltrating  and then trying to take over an organisation that had much greater support than they had themselves.  To coin the phrase that Trotsky used about the way unrepresentative elements took over the soviets after the February Revolution, they used their "sharp elbows".  Having used such, essentially bureaucratic means to gain position way in excess of their actual support within Momentum, let alone the wider Labour Party, they gave Lansman a reason, and an excuse to act bureaucratically himself.

Whenever these issues of taking on the Labour Right, or Jewish Tories has arisen, Lansman has taken the wrong side.  Its time for Corbyn and the Labour Leadership to stand up to the Labour Right, and their allies amongst the Jewish Tories, and the Tory Media.  If those right-wing Labour MP's feel that "Labour is not the party I first joined", then they are free to go, now, and don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.  Under Blair, Brown and Miliband, the Labour Party was not the party I joined in 1974 either.  It is much closer today, under Corbyn, to that party, and to the principles on which it was originally founded, than it has been for 30 years.  The long slide to the Right has been halted, we cannot let them regain traction, and lead Labour into the abyss, now.  Its time to clear out the Right, at every level.

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moton commentary said...

This topic has raised its head again today. Does anyone think that The State of Israel would not mobilize all its resources to prevent a man sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians to become p.m. Is not mossad the most competent and devious secret service in the world. Does 2+ 2 still make 4?