Friday, 20 July 2018

Friday Night Disco - Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum

It's the Summer of 1969.  Its midweek, and as usual 8 to 10 of us wander down the main road from Goldenhill, for about a mile, down along Summerbank Road, down America Street, and round into Hose Street, Tunstall.  Two more join us outside, having come by SX 250 from Newchapel.  We walk into the Torch.

It's hot and sticky, we are wearing benjis, sleeves carefully turned up to above the elbows, and levis.  Inside the skinheads are wearing brilliant white butcher's trousers, and dockers.  Everything white, stands out with an iridescent glow under the ultraviolet lights.  Its before the days of the allnighters.  Keith Minshull and Davo are playing a variety of stuff ranging from mostly Motown and what a while later would be called Northern Soul, to Reggie, Elvis and this.

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