Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Tories Racist Attacks on Diane Abbot

Diane Abbot has had to stand down from her position due to ill-health.  Who can wonder.  Over the last two years she has suffered from persistent trolling and violent threats against her, and over the last few weeks the professional trolls of the Tory Party, and the Tory gutter press and media have intensified their personal abuse and attacks on her.  If Abbot had been Jewish, and suffered a fraction of the personal abuse and attacks she has received, their would quite rightly have been a shit storm of protests about anti-semitism, and calls for the perpetrators to be brought to book.  But, because she is a black woman, the Tories and the Tory media have let all of their vile prejudices run riot, and because they control much of public dialogue, of course, no one is calling them to account for it.

All of the attacks on Abbot have been stupid, playground carping about not being able to remember numbers, and so on, as though it was some kind of pub quiz.  The aim is clearly to reinforce the racist stereotype that black people have lower IQ's than white people, and Abbot, as a black woman, is even more open to such vile attacks from the gutter press.

The racist, xenophobic Tory media have tried their best to attack Corbyn, McDonnell, and Abbot for their stands in support of oppressed minorities.  Of course, in doing so, they always fail to mention the support of Corbyn and others for Nelson Mandela, the ANC and the struggle against apartheid, in which the Tories branded Mandela a dangerous terrorist, whilst they supported the vile apartheid regime.  That is only because Mandela since then has become a safe, dead icon.  They have also failed in relation to Corbyn, because the more the public have actually seen Corbyn at mass rallies of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, up and down the country, the more people like him, whilst the less and less they like Theresa May and her basket of deplorables.

So, the Tories and the racist Tory media saw Abbot as the easiest target to pick on and true to their bully boy mentality, they chose to pick on the weakest, the most vulnerable and inflicted on her a relentless campaign of racist, and misogynist abuse, day after day.  It is an indication of the kind of vile, narrow minded, vindictive hell-hole the UKIP/Tory Party would inflict on Britain were they allowed to win the election tomorrow.  It would be a Britain run for the few super rich tax dodgers, and the xenophobic neo-Nazis that now form the core support for the UKIP/Tory Party.

It is why all decent people cannot allow that to happen.  It is why every decent person tomorrow must vote Labour!

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