Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Fart and the Deal

According to the so called billionaire business genius, Donald Trump, he is the master of deal making, and even wrote a book on it called "The Art of the Deal".  No doubt, Trump believes it is the best book ever folks, all other books are failing and terrible.  But, of course, as with everything Trump it is simply foul-smelling hot air, as his record already as president demonstrates.

Since becoming President, he put forward a disastrous decree to prevent people from seven Muslim majority countries from travelling to the US, which was struck down almost immediately by US Courts; he has pissed off his own state security services, by publicly attacking them, and comparing them to the Nazis, as well as pissing off the British state by trying to draw them in as collateral damage to cover his ridiculous claims that Obama has been phone tapping Trump Tower (which he can, of course feel free to do, as Britain embarking on Brexit, has to tug its forelock to every large power in the globe); and now even his flagship Health Insurance Programme cannot even win the backing of his own Republican Party in Congress, let alone any wider backing!

The fact is that Trump is full of shit, but he has been able to get away with it, in the same way that others of his ilk can get away with all sorts of rubbish and incompetence, because he was born with loads and loads of money, though by some accounts he has lost even a lot of that.  The fact is that Trump has actually been lucky that his fellow republicans have been fighting like rats in a sack over his Healthcare Bill, because had it passed, it would have caused chaos, and led to massive rises in health insurance costs for millions of those who actually voted for him, and the withdrawal of health insurance for millions more.  Hard reality, would soon have led those supporters to sober up, smell the coffee and ditch the Donald.

In places where people have had experience of him in the past, some of those illusions have already been shattered.  In Atlantic City, for example, Trump made big promises, like those he has made to the people of the US as a whole.  He took over a number of big Casinos, but instead of the area flourishing, it went backwards, whilst Trump stripped money out of the Casinos, before disappearing.

Its the same kind of asset stripping that was seen with BHS in Britain under Phillip Green.  Now it seems that Trump has his sights on a bigger asset to strip - the US itself no less.  He has already appointed members of his own family into this new empire.  We can only hope for the American people that having asset stripped the country, and left yet another venture in bankruptcy, Trump does not follow the example of Phillip Green who sold on the BHS for a pound, and sell on the US to Putin for a dollar.

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