Friday, 17 March 2017

Its Not Rocket Science

Donald Trump in his election campaign railed against the domination of Washington politics by Wall Street financiers.  He told millions of distressed workers and farmers across America that he was their saviour.

In office, the billionaire Donald Trump has stacked his government with more billionaire Wall Street financiers than you can shake a stick at.  In his first budget, the billionaire Donald Trump has proposed policies that will benefit other billionaires, that will provide huge tax cuts for billionaires dividend payments, and will provide huge government contracts for big US defence corporations, who will then make huge profits from those contracts, and pay out more in dividends to the Wall Street billionaires that own the majority of shares in them.  At the same time, the billionaire Donald Trump has proposed to introduce measures that will hit hard at all of those distressed workers and farmers that Trump promised he would come to save.

In the meantime, the other billionaires that the billionaire Donald Trump has appointed to his government have themselves put forward proposals that will assist the other billionaire financiers like themselves to make even more money as a result of their speculation on the financial markets, whilst putting at risk the livelihoods of millions of US workers.

Who would have thought it?  A billionaire appoints billionaires to support them, and those billionaires then push through policies to help billionaires in general make even more money, at the expense of ordinary workers, whilst screwing the workers and farmers they conned into voting for them the hardest.

Its one thing to have a healthy scepticism about the views of experts when you come to think about things and cast your vote; its quite another to disregard common sense, and to completely ignore the bleeding obvious.  After all understanding who billionaires are likely to favour in their policies, and who they are likely to screw to pay for it, is hardly rocket science, is it?

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