Tuesday, 28 June 2016

England Loses To Iceland for A Second Time

In the 1970's, the still supposedly "Great" Britain, lost out to tiny Iceland in the "Cod Wars", over fishing rights, as the British navy was faced down.

Last night, tiny Iceland, whose population is about the size of Leicester, and whose players are part-time, played the English football team off the field, and beat them 2-1.  It could easily have been a bigger win for Iceland.

The irony is that as the predicted rise in racist attacks across Britain has seen "hate crime" rise by 57% since the Brexit vote, England's best players on the night were those from ethnic minorities that the idiotic, racist elements of British society are now demanding "Leave" the country.

Those elements of the England fans caught on film by Channel 4 News, chanting "If you all hate Muslims clap your hands", abusing young Romany children in Paris, proudly stating they had only gone to France for the violence, represent that 30% of the population that I have previously identified as being made up of fascists, hard core racists and bigots.  The point of Emily Thornberry's tweet last year, during the general election, becomes clear.

Dealing with these elements will not come from continuing to deny their existence, or the size of their presence, as middle class journalists, and do gooders have tried to do for decades.  Nor will it be done by pandering to their bigotry, by sinking into nationalism and demands for tighter immigration controls.

England's defeat at the hands of Iceland is emblematic of the trajectory of Britain itself outside the EU, yet the nationalists will still want to fantasise about a long gone "Great" Britain.

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