Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Message To The 172 MP's

The 172 MP's who voted against Jeremy Corbyn claim that their mandate comes not from the party, and its half million members who selected them, canvassed for them, and got them into parliament, but to the voters who only then voted for them.  Some of those MP's have even called Corbyn's reliance on party members as "turning to the mob"!  That is the total disregard and disrespect these elitist MP's have for the party and its members that they are for them nothing more than a mob, when they disagree with them, and should only be there to ensure the MP's are able to get into parliament and pursue their comfortable lifestyles.

It is of course, nonsense.  The number of MP's who fell out with the party and stood on the basis that it was the electors that gave them their mandate, who then were able to win that mandate without the support of the party shows it.  A few like Dick Taverne in the 1960's were able to win their seat as an independent in a by-election, but invariably they lost that seat again at the following general election.

But, if the 172 MP's beleive the crap they are peddling about their mandate coming from the voters and not the party, let them show it.  The answer for them is simple.  You disagree with the 60% of the party that elected Jeremy Corbyn just 9 months ago.  You have always disagreed with the party's decision, and have since that time been trying to find ways of overturning that decision.  Every claim you made, about Corbyn causing the party to lose support has been proved wrong, and so now you have launched this coup on the most spurious and elitist of grounds.

Your predecessors, the traitors of the Gang of Four, at least had the courage of their convictions when they disagreed with the majority of the party.  They left and joined the SDP, and its subsequent lash up with the Liberals, which ended up in the coalition government with the Tories, before disappearing into the dustbin of history.  Its no wonder you do not even have the principles they did, to follow that example, because you are even more grasping and self-serving, even more elitist and cosseted than they were.

You claim that your mandate comes from the amorphous mass of voters who were only able to vote for you, because Labour Party members selected you, and campaigned for you.  If you truly believe that, then instead of carrying on with your self-serving, attacks on the Labour Party, which is destroying any possibility of it achieving the thing you claim to want - to defeat the Tories - then put your belief to the test.  Leave the Labour Party, as the SDP did, resign your seats now, set up your own party, and stand in elections against new Labour Party candidates, and see just how you go on.

To quote Dirty Harry, "it comes down to this.  Are you feeling lucky today punk?  Well are you?  Go ahead, make my day!"

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