Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ils Sont Tout Saud

Only a week or so ago they proclaimed - "Je Suis Charlie" - in a faked photo opportunity in Paris, to have us all believe that, despite all of the actions in their own states to limit liberty, they stood shoulder to shoulder to defend bourgeois freedoms with those who had actually given their lives in that endeavour.  Today, those same world leaders, have shown their true nature.  In reality, ils sont tout Saud - they are all the House of Saud, the funeral for whose Godfather they were happy to attend, and of whom they were prepared to lavish all kinds of obsequious praise.

This is a feudal regime, like the others in the Gulf, whose very existence should be anathema to those principles of "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite", which the bourgeois revolution was fought under.  It was against such feudal regimes that those principles were formulated as their war cry by the revolutionary bourgeoisie.  But, as I set out recently, not only does the liberal bourgeoisie fail to argue for progress under the flag of those principles, but it is not prepared even to consistently defend those principles against reactionary opponents.

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