Monday, 18 October 2010

Third Camp Index

1. Glotzer & Immigration

2. Glotzer & The Jews As Special

3. Glotzer, Anti-Semitism, & the Degenerated Workers State

These three blogs were written as replies to an article in Workers Liberty covering Glotzer's Third Camp argument for supporting the Zionist demand for the establishment of a separate Israeli State.

4. Critique of the AWL On Socialist Action. Examines the Third Camp Position of the AWL on the USSR and Imperialism as expounded in its critique of SA.

5. What If The AWL Quoted Trotsky Correctly. A guest post by Llin Davies who reproduced a reply she had posted to Sean Matgamna et al on the AWL website following their raising the question - “What if Israel attacked Iran?” It cites extensively from Trotsky's writings to demonstrate how the AWL bowdlerise Marxism to fir to their current political positions.

6. Wonderful Logic looks at the AWLs' “solution” to the financial crisis.

7. The War In Gaza & Two States, looks at the positions adopted by different Third Campists to the Israel-Palestine situation, and argues that using the same methodology they arrive logically at opposing positions. Logically, because the methodology is based on subjectivism not Marxism.

8. Trotsky and The Epigones, follows up on “What If The AWL Quoted Trotsky Accurately”, by looking at how they had changed their argument once again without criticising their former position, and still perpetuated a fraud of Trotsky's views.

9. The Third Camp & Opportunism Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. look at how the AWL's politics which claim adherence to the Third Camp are compatible with the Stalinism, which that trend arose in response to, because both Third Campism and Stalinism are examples of a petit-bourgeois deviation. The Opportunism of both trends stems from the subjectivism of both, and the inevitability then of such organisations responding to pressure from that petit-bourgeois milieu.