Monday, 18 October 2010

Iraq Index

1. Class War Erupts In Iraq, argues that in the absence of a mass workers party, it was the reactionary Sadr who represented the revolutionary Jacobins. That was why the bourgeois forces of the State supported by Imperialism had mobilised against them.

2. Three D's And Four X's, was an intervention on the side of Dave Broder and the Minority in the AWL.

3. The AWL And Iraq, is a contribution towards a debate between the AWL and Permanent Revolution.

4. The last Post, sets out what the AWL were beyond redemption.

5. The Stalinist Nature Of The AWL's Politics, argues that despite describing itself in the tradition of the anti-Trotsky Trotskyists of the Third Camp, the AWL in their petit-bourgeois methods of analysis, their opportunism and sectarianism, and in their bureaucratic organisational methods were really in the tradition of Stalinism.

6. Were The AWL Right On Iraq, simple answer no.