Monday, 5 July 2010

Demonstrate Tomorrow - Cut The Monarchy

"Tomorrow morning we'll be meeting outside Buckingham palace for a demonstration against increasing royal costs at a time of sweeping public spending cuts.

We'll meet at the corner of Buckingham Gate, across the road from the palace (if you're standing outside the gates looking at the palace the meeting point is off to the left) at 10:30am. Wear something purple/pink if you have it and feel free to bring your own placard, although some will be provided.

If you're unsure whether you can make it for 10:30 have my number to hand and give me a call to check where we are when you arrive. We may move over to Canada Gate later on. My number is 07747 608 770.

If you're coming, I'll see you there!

If you can't make it to the demo there are other things you can do, such as write to your paper in response to the annual report, or join online debates about the cost of the royals. And of course you can always make a donation to Republic at Republic"

Graham Smith

At a time when low paid Public Sector workers are being told that they will lose their jobs, and/or have their pay and pensions slashed, the Monarchy continues to cost us millions of pounds a year! The media spin the info, telling us that they cost us only 65p each. But, I wouldn't mind being given 65p by 60 million people, if the work I had to do in return was swank around in the most expensive Council House in the world, swan around sunny climes when its cold back in Britain, get invited to all the best parties, and free admittance to all the world's major events. Not content with that some of the Royals even charge half a million quid to get rich businessmen one to one chats with Prince Andrew according to the Sunday Papers. In China that kind of corruption would get you shot. It you are an MP it gets you rightly vilified by the press, media, and populace and possibly brought up in front of a Court.

At a time when the Liberal-Tories are telling us that they are going to clean up politics, that we are all in this together, and that they are going to introduce greater democracy, they stand firm in defence of the most grotesque affront to democracy and fairness there could possibly be. They tell the unemployed that they must get on their bike to find rapidly diminishing jobs, as the Liberal-Tories under Prince Osborne, and His Eminence Cable, do everything in their power to bring about a return of the 1930's. But, the Royals have no such problem, they simply inherit their jobs no matter how stupid they are, no matter how insane they are, no matter how incompetent they are. And if they decide not to bother that is no problem either, because they have inherited wealth from their families who in turn got it from robbing our ancestors down through the ages. At a time when the Liberal-Tories tell us they want to do something about crime to show it doesn't pay, the Monarchy shows eactly the opposite. When the Liberal-Tories tell us they want to cut down on violence from street gangs they fawn before a Royal Family that owes its position, and its wealth to the fact that its ancestors were bigger thieves and murderers, than any of the other gangs of arsitocratic thieves and murderers. They are a living example that if you want to be rich and powerful, you do not have to learn, or train, or work hard, or be inventive, you just have to have the toughest, roughest, biggest most powerful gang in the country. And having used it you can then use the same methods to rob, rape, pillage and murder every otehr country that takes your fancy.

That is the message the Royals give to society. If they are a roll model no wonder so many of our youth are turning to the same methods on a miniature scale, as capitalism proves incapble of educating them, or providing them with anyhting to look forward to. The best piece of education, the best example the Government and the older generation can give to our youth, is to scrap the Monarchy, and everything it stands for.

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