Thursday, 9 January 2020

Now Sack The Rest

Harry Windsor, and his wife Meghan Markle have decided to step down from their Royal duties, and to finance themselves independently.  Good on them for doing so.  Of course, the difficulty of financing yourself independently is not so hard if you have all the privileges of being part of the Royal Family.  The opportunity to make large sums from writing, or just appending your name to various companies are endless.  Its not the same as trying to make yourself financially independent having just handed in your notice at McDonalds.

The decision seems in part to be down to problems the couple have had inside the Royal Family itself.  That is not surprising.  Markle faced large-scale racist abuse from sections of British society.  Of course, we are still to believe that Britain is an open and welcoming society, with only a few racists in its midst, and not at all a large component of those that voted for Brexit and so on.

The departure of Harry follows on from the sacking of Andrew Windsor following the revelations of his association with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  That, of course, was not the first scandal to hit the Royal Family, which experiences revelations about its behaviour periodically, and yet still seems to hang on, like a scab to healthy flesh.  This parasitic undemocratic institution should have been consigned to the dustbin of history two centuries ago, when the bourgeois revolutions in other countries got rid of their old aristocracies.

We don't have to resort to the same drastic measures that our predecessors did in that respect.  There is no need to wheel out the guillotine, or the headsman's axe.  We should just invite the rest of this sorry bunch to follow the lead of Harry and Meghan, and fade away into the mists of history.  And, to give them the message, we should start by withdrawing all out financial support to them, and sending them eviction notices for all of the palaces they currently occupy.

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