Thursday, 15 February 2018

Keep Europe Safe From Trump's America

Once again the consequences of Trump's politics in the US, which make the country unsafe, and a dangerous place to live or visit, have been illustrated, as another lone gunman has killed at least 17 people at yet another school shooting.

Trump's divisive and hate filled politics are fuelling increased hatred and violence amongst those elements of society most prone to react in this kind of way.  Shame.  Trump who has made a point of supporting the gun lobby and the right of all sorts of vigilantes, neo-nazis, and general nut jobs, to possess armfuls of automatic weapons, is silent on this latest shooting, just as he had nothing to say in criticism of the neo-nazis activities, a few months ago, as they killed one protester and rampaged through neighbourhoods.

The level of murders, shootings and violence in the US, is at a level that you would expect in a war zone, or some impoverished developing country riven with communal or gang warfare, and that violence is promoted by Trump's hate filled, xenophobic, and violent politics.  Too bad.

It is a lesson for us to learn in Europe to avoid the kind of politics that Trump stands for and that his friends in Europe also would take us towards.  We need to keep Europe safe from Trump's America, and the politics he represents and promotes across the globe.

Trump lines up with others of his type such as Duterte in the Philippines, Erdogan in Turkey (though this latter is being strained with Trump's short-termist politics leading him to support the Kurds so as to oppose Assad and Iran), as well as his support for the feudalists of Saudi Arabia.  The kind of mass violence, terrorism, and chaos that Trump is causing in America, his policies risk spreading bigly across the globe.  Sad.

Keep Europe Safe From Trump's America.

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