Friday, 28 April 2017

Bojo To Trump - "How High Shall We Jump?"

Boris Johnson was one of the leading proponents of Brexit.  It was sold to millions of British people on the flaky foundation of a return of sovereignty.  In fact, Britain has not yet even Brexited, but it has already become apparent that rather than regaining sovereignty, it has given up whatever sovereignty it had.  Bojo's latest antics indicate the extent to which a rapidly declining Britain is merely a vassal state of the US, so that Bojo's latest outburst tells us that when Trump shouts "Jump", Britain's only response is "Yes sir.  How high sir?"

No sooner had May triggered Article 50, than she scuttled off to the US, to supplicate herself, fawningly before Emperor Trump.  She tried to cover her selling of UK plc to the dealmaker by claiming that she had obtained significant promises from him.  Well anyone watching Trump's first 100 days, knows just how much those promises are worth.  It was only a matter of a few weeks before Trump announced that he would be putting the EU ahead of Britain in any trade negotiations, and when it came to his strike on Syria, Britain came behind Russia in being even notified about it.

Now, Bojo, wanting to seem like he and Britain still has a role to play, has offered again to play second fiddle to the US in any foreign wars it wants to start, so as to hope to curry favour.  Its like the new boy at Eton, who offers to fag for the school bully in order to try to gain some credibility and protection from other bullies.  For most of us, that's only something we learn about from reading Tom Brown's Schooldays, but for Boris and the other Tory members of the establishment its part of their actual upbringing.  No wonder they are such an arrogant bunch of snobs, who think they have a god given right to rule and lead the rest of us free from any criticism or opposition; no wonder they hate anti-establishment figures like Corbyn with a venality they could never show for people like Blair.

The Brexiters like Bojo sold the idea largely to that group of older voters who grew up when the world was a very different place, but who have not come to terms with the fact that times have changed.  They grew up at a time when their school books showed large areas of the world coloured pink, where the British Empire still ruled.  On a Sunday morning, they got up to listen to "Two-Way Family Favourites" on the radio that broadcast messages and music from families in Britain to their spouses, and children serving in the armed forces, in these far flung outposts of the Empire, even if by then it was called the Commonwealth.  And many, like many of the Tories themselves are still under the delusion that Britain still has that importance, when, in fact, it is merely a second rate power on the global stage, whose importance is decreasing by the day.

Even before Britain has Brexited, not only did May scuttle off to try to curry favours from Trump, but having embarrassed  herself there, she scuttled off to visit the medieval butchers of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies, pleading with them to buy more British weapons to use on their peoples, so as to prop up the British economy for a while longer.  Then she went to visit the dictator in Turkey, Erdogan, perhaps to learn some lessons on how to prevent criticism and opposition, and also to try to sell him more weapons.  Then in the last week we have had International Trade Minister, Liam Fox, going off to visit the butcherous dictator, Duterte, in the Phillippines, and  speaking of their shared values!

Even before Brexit has happened, it has been turned into a vassal state of the US, and a creature of any rogue or dictator across the globe who might be the source of a few silver coins.  And, its no wonder, therefore, that May and the Tory government are trying to prevent any criticism or opposition at home, and why Bojo is now even talking about sending British troops to fight US wars, without parliamentary approval.  The only approval that counts now for British Tory politicians is the approval of Trump.

As members of the EU, Britain at least had Ministers who sat on the Council of Ministers, Commissioners appointed to the EU Commission, and MEP's directly elected to the  European Parliament.  Now British voters will have no votes in the decisions taken by the US president and Congress, but Britain will be automatically signed up to those decisions by May and Bojo.  That is why they are trying to establish May as a dictatorial strong leader now, in the fashion of Erdogan.

And who can wonder that they attempt that.  If Britons are to have no say in their future, having signed away any hope of sovereignty they may have exercised through the EU, by voting for Brexit, the Tories will only be able to press ahead with being the servants of Trump, if they can ride roughshod over any criticism or opposition in Parliament, or by the British electorate.  And, after all that is what the Tory media continually tell us the British public want.  In vox pop after vox pop, newspaper editorial after newspaper editorial, press preview after press preview what we are told is that the British public want a strong leader, an Il Duce, a Mussolini in a skirt.

They should be careful what they wish for.

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