Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Why I'm Not Signing The Petition To Ban Trump

Nearly 2 million people have signed an online petition to ban Donald Trump from coming to Britain, as part of a state visit.  I will not be joining them.  The reason I will not be joining them is for the same reason that socialists have always refused to support state bans.  I have no faith in the bosses state implementing such policies, which invariably end up being used more against socialists and workers than they are used against our enemies.  Nor should workers, in any case, abdicate our own responsibilities for taking action, and for our own self-government to our main enemy, the capitalist state.

If the Tories want to disgrace themselves by inviting this oafish, racist, mysogenistic tyrant to visit with them, and the Queen so be it.  The British workers should draw their own conclusions from that.  After all, the Queen, who is herself unelected, and just the last in the line of British monarchs, who initially secured that position by being the most murderous, thieving elements within the class of generally murdering, thieving feudal overlords, has frequently hob-nobbed with other feudal tyrants from across the globe, including those from the feudal gulf states, which act to spread islamist terror across the globe.

The objection raised by some bourgeois pundits that other dictators such as Ceausescu, Chinese Presidents, and Putin have come for tea with the Queen, besides being simply whataboutery, is irrelevant, because any decent socialist government would not have invited them either!  On a world stage, the representatives even of a Workers State might have to treat with such people, because such a state would still have to operate in the real world, as far as trade and other affairs are concerned, but that is a far cry from inviting such people on state visits, of feting them, or in any way treating them in any other way than as pariahs.

So, let Trump come.  Let the Tories disgrace themselves, and expose just how servile a declining British state heading out of the EU has become that it has to kowtow and doff  its cap to the world tyrants, as Theresa May has done recently in Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States, in Turkey and elsewhere, as well as to the oaf in the White House.  So, much for their claims that Brexit would restore British sovereignty!

And, when Trump comes, we the working-class will show him why he should not have done.  We will show that, however much Theresa May, the Queen and the rest of the establishment might be prepared to kneel before him, in the hope of a few silver coins, we will not.  But, it is our task to undertake, and not one we should subcontract to our class enemies and their state.

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