Friday, 5 August 2016

Corbyn v Smith Cardiff Debate

Last night, Jeremy Corbyn took on Owen Smith in the first of the Labour Leadership hustings. Corbyn took on Smith, on Smith's home territory, in Cardiff.  In the debate, it was clear that Corbyn comes out on top, he provided all of the positive politics, whereas Smith could only attack the Labour Party, and talk down its successes under Corbyn - other than where he could talk up his own.

But even on Smith's own territory, it was clear why the opponents of Corbyn have been trying every trick in the book to stop his campaign, and to stop the mass of support for him within the party being able to express itself.  Mirroring the wave of support for Corbyn across the country over recent weeks that has seen demonstrations of thousands in cities from the North to the South of the country, so it was clear that it was Corbyn that had overwhelming support in the hall last night.

At the end of the debate a dozen or so of Smith's supporters stood up to applaud, but at the end of Corbyn's speech the entire audience other than Smith's dozen, stood up to give Corbyn a standing ovation.

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