Sunday, 3 July 2016

Keep Corbyn Rallies

All around the country, thousands of Labour Party members are rallying to support Jeremy Corbyn, and condemn the 172 MP's that are seeking to overturn the democratic vote of a quarter million members who elected Jeremy as leader.  Yet, the Tory media, including the BBC and other TV channels, continue to fail to report it, whilst they flood the screens and column inches with propaganda for the rebels MP's, and their attempted coup.  Its why we need our own Labour Movement TV Channel.

Here are just a few of the demos.

There was also a large rally in Hull, which criticised the three Labour MP's there, who had opposed Corbyn.

Constituency Parties and trade union branches are also passing resolutions backing Corbyn and denouncing the 172.  In the meantime, as Len McCluskey has pointed out, and the Canary has described.  The coup may have connections to a shadowy organisation with its own relations to Tony Blair.

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