Saturday, 15 August 2015

Blairites Behaving Badly

The Blairites share one thing with all of the former right-wing cliques in the LP. When they are losing the argument, and the battle of democracy, they are shameless in their treachery to the party. They will sink to any level of abuse, and threat and prediction of doom, if they do not get their way. It is a sign, to quote Corporal Jones, that “They do not like it up 'em.” In the last week or so, as they saw their position fraying further and further, by the day, one Blairite after another, has fed their friends in the Tory media with stories about how the Labour Party would be doomed; fall off a precipice; be out of power for generations; and, contradictorily then, that the country would be ruined, if Corbyn were to become Prime Minister. They have predicted that a Corbyn victory would lead to a serious split in the party, though, of course, none of them would ever split away from the party they loved, so its hard to know who exactly it is they are claiming would be a part of this serious split! They attack Corbyn for presenting old ideas, which is typical of the Blairite preference for presentation over content, because it is not whether an idea is old or new that counts, but whether it is correct!

But, as with most of the Blairite/Tory arguments the fact that they are illogical, and based on nothing substantial is not what motivates them. All that counts, for them, is to keep telling the same lies over and over again, using the control over the media to make it received wisdom. They did the same thing with the claims that the last Labour government had wrecked the economy, whereas, in fact, the blame for that quite clearly rests with the Tories. Yet, despite this avalanche of lies, they have still failed to undermine Corbyn. In fact, the main lie that Corbyn might be popular with Labour members, but he could not win an election, has itself be comprehensively falsified by life.

The latest Survation poll shows that, not only is Corbyn popular with Labour Party members, or even Labour voters, he is the most popular, of all the candidates, amongst supporters of all parties. Showing the naivety of the idea put forward by the Blairites and Tory media that, in order to win back Tory voters, let alone UKIP voters, it is necessary to move further to the right, the poll showed that more UKIP voters, 39%, preferred Corbyn to all the others, than even Labour voters, 38%! That confirms the view presented here some months ago, that many of those who voted UKIP did so, as a protest against a Labour Party that had become indistinguishable from the Tories, and offered no clear alternative to the failed policies of austerity that the Liberal-Tories have pursued, for the last five years, and which cratered the economy. Anyone with a brain, and an open mind, could have deduced that from the fact that the Liberals, who represent the clearest actual representation of the kind of Tory-lite policies that the Blairites want to inflict on Labour, were eradicated as a political force in the election. 

In fact, at the start of the year, I predicted that would happen. I said the Liberals would be reduced to just 6 MP's,  and they ended up getting 8. Its one reason as I've set out previously, why this is not 1981, why there will be no significant split if Corbyn wins, and why there is nowhere for the Blairites to go, other than into obscurity. They will ultimately be seen by history, as I said at the start of the year, as the last gasp of conservatism.

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