Saturday, 25 July 2015

Northern Soul Classics - Hit and Run - Rose Batiste

I went to the Stoke Town Hall All-Nighter last Saturday.  One of the best nights ever.  Classic sounds all night.  Waiting outside to go in, the people behind be were speaking Spanish.  Nothing unusual, with lots of Brits now living in Spain, there are lots of weekly Northern venues in all the Costas, and people from all over Europe come to the Stoke Nighters.  However, it turned out, they hadn't come from Spain.  They'd come all the way from Argentina, to come to the Stoke All Nighter!!!  You have to respect that commitment.  From the way they were dancing away inside, they seem to have enjoyed it too.

Anyway, I'd intended to feature this ages ago, and forgot about it along the way, but remembered about it when I heard it last Saturday.  Enjoy.

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