Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Marx's Capital Translated For The 21st Century

My second book is now available from Amazon - Marx's Capital Translated For The 21st Century, Volume I. 

This is the first volume in the interpretation of Marx's Capital and Theories of Surplus Value. The other volumes will be published over coming months.

The book provides additional material to the series of blog posts began three years ago, providing a serialised interpretation of Marx's Capital, as well as a re-edited version of the material contained in those posts.

Most visibly the book provides an interpretation and discussion of the various prefaces, forwards and afterwords, of the different editions of Capital Volume I.

As a book version, it is more easily accessed than the original blog posts.  With the world still assessing the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, which threw the bourgeoisie into ideological turmoil, and a crisis of confidence in its own system, with the Eurozone still in the midst of a political crisis over Greece, and the potential for it to spill over into the rest of the periphery, let alone into a full blown financial and economic crisis, once more, Marx's analysis of the laws of motion that govern capitalism is more relevant than ever.


Zain said...

It seems there's no print version of the book. It is only available in kindle and that too only to UK buyers. Great disappointment! Because I do not live in the UK and it is impossible to buy a kindle book from amazon when you are in the part of the world where I am.

Boffy said...


The book is available as a Kindle book in all countries where Kindle books are sold. I have sold copies of my Kindle books in a number of countries including India, Germany and US, as well as UK. In fact, its one reason I decided to go just for a Kindle version rather than a print version.