Saturday, 8 February 2014

Northern Soul Classics - You Brought About A Change In Me - Jackie Wilson

Its the Summer of 1971.  Its a Tuesday so its the disco at Kidsgrove Town Hall, with Keith Minshull DJ'ing.  For some reason, we are catching the bus.  I say for some reason, because its only about a mile walk from the village, and at that time we'd normally just have walked.  A bloke pulls up by the bus stop in a fairly new Roller, and asks for directions.  Never having been backward at coming forward, I cadge a lift for us in his car.  He drops us off right opposite the Town Hall doors, just as everyone else is going in.  As we pile out of the car, and walk across the road, everyone looks, and a few people whistle.  It would be artistic license to say that, as we approached, the strains of Jackie were echoing into the balmy night air, but to be honest, I have no idea what was playing at the time.  But, this song is reminiscent of the time, and of Tuesdays at the Town Hall.

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