Saturday, 5 May 2012

Northern Soul Classics - Festival Time - San Remo Strings

I can see it as though it was yesterday. A warm Summer evening in 1971. Walking up the Haymarket in Tunstall, past the chippy, stopping at the sweet shop on the corner for a pack of Wrigleys, then turning the corner into Hose Street. Another few yards, and strains of San Remo, begin to be heard booming out into the night air. Looking back, it must have driven the people in the terraced houses opposite nuts. But, then the only thing on your mind was heading twoards the music. Up the steps and through the doors, a few words with my mate Trevor Harley on the door, say hello to the girls on the cloakroom, then down the couple of steps on to the dance floor. Get a half hour or so of dancing, and then earn my keep collecting glasses, and doing a bit of DJ'ing with Keith. Brilliant.

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