Monday, 21 March 2011

What Air Strikes?

I put the following video up with very great caveats. Russia has its own axe to grind in the Middle East, and the Russian Media may not be as independent as some. Putin has today, jumped on the growing opposition to Imperialist agression in the Arab street, by talking about "Crusader mentalities" and so on. In some ways its a bit like the Suez crisis. When Britain and France invaded Suez in 1956, some say with a US nod and a wink - just as in fact Wikileaks have proved the statements made years ago by US military insiders that the US had tipped Saddam the wink to invade Kuwait - the main beneficiary was the US, which then replaced Britain and France as the most important economic power in the area, providing it with important access to oil resources. Today, its the West in general that is on the wane, and Russia, China, India and other powers that are on the rise. The position adopted by Russia and China, now facilitates them coming in to attack the bombing, lining themselves up with the same criticisms being levelled at Imperialism by the Arab League.

Whatever, the facts in relation to whether Gaddafi's jets were flying or not, there is no doubt that his forces on the ground were launching murderous attacks on the people in Benghazi and elsewhere. We have a duty to oppose that where it is disproprtional, just as we would oppose the similar disproportional and murderous attacks of the massive Imperialist backed Israeli military against its own groups of rebels in Gaza etc.

All that being said, and considering the fact that the rebels themselves had tanks and planes, the evidence provided by Russian satellites that there had in fact been NO attacks by Gaddafis airforce, is worth looking at. It should provoke the demand for an international inquiry into the claims, at the very least. After all, there have been none of Gaddafi's aircraft shot down as part of the "No Fly Zone", whilst Cruise Missiles and other munitions have been dropped on Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli, and on the naval base - were these flying boats or something? - as well as on military vehicles on the road.

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