Saturday, 2 January 2010

Northern Soul Classics - The Snake - Al Wilson

This is an absolute stormer and the latest in a run of Northern Soul classics used over the last few years in TV adverts. Its from way back in the day, and I think was first played at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester in the 60's. It was certainly a favourite from the early years of the Torch. I also remembe in the late 60's or early 70's seeing Tom Jones give a more than acceptable rendition of the song too.

Al Wilson's powerful and versatile voice was just made for Northern Soul, and he has a number of classics to his name. I first bought "The Snake" on an imported version, on the rare Soul City label. I later sold it, and bought the Uk release on Bell. A big mistake, because the Soul City version would be worth much more today. The Snake has everything a serious Northern Soul dancer requires. Uptempo, and with enough breaks to throw in your preferred 'tricks', a back-drop, splits, spin or whatever takes your fancy at the time, as the second video below demonstrates.

I've included two videos. The first is a better recording, but I'm including the second which I came across, because I think I might be the bloke in the muscle vest doing lots of spinning in the foreground. My wife said she thought it was me because of the white socks! I must have been feeling a bit knackered, because my feet are normally moving much more than that, and unless it was when I'd done my knee in I'd have been including some back-drops and splits. The blonde girl in the black trousers, who can be seen doing a back-drop, can also dance some.

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