Friday, 30 May 2008

The Blair Rich Project

In addition to his role of imperialism's advisor in the Middle East, the main purpose of which seems to be for Blair to do what he does best - waffle, and prevaricate - Blair, the once crypto-Catholic, who has now come out of the closet, has announced that he is to devote the rest of his life to The Blair Faith Foundation. It would be cruel to suggest that, given Blair's renowned control freakery, that this is a way for him to play God now that the next best thing - being British Prime Minister, a position that Lord Hailsham once described as an elected Dictatorship - has been handed on to the monkey that for 13 years accompanied his organ grinding. No doubt with all the large houses that Blair owns - could it be that Brown encouraged the housing slump as a piece of vindictiveness against his former nemesis, surely not - he will be in a perfect position to put that faith in to practice, providing, like the Good Samaritan, succour to the poor and homeless, or like the Good Shepherd providing room for those that find no room at the inn. However, given the press reports, anyone put up had better keep a watch on the contents of their plastic bags.

Perhaps, with all of that real estate, he might even establish his own cult providing some kind of religious time shares, with his friend and fellow devout Christian, George Bush. Perhaps, between them, they could provide accommodation for all those Iraqis that have found themselves homeless after Tony and George's Excellent Adventure to bring them peace and democracy.

Who knows, perhaps with the right connections, a bit of good PR, from Alistair Campbell, the right kitchen Cabinet put together by Mandelson and Draper, an alliance perhaps with the McCanns and their PR machine, and the money of George Bush and his religious faithful, Blair could by pass the EU Presidents job, that looks beyond his reach, now that Sarkozy has said he won't back him, and go straight for the top job - Blair for Pope. Then he could really devote the rest of his time to religion, with the potential to meddle in everyone's affairs on a global scale with the same gusto with which he tackled Iraq.

But, if he did so, he would probably have to give up all those things of the material world with which he has busied himself over the years. He'd have to give up all hose lucrative speaking tours, not to mention his role as advisor to J.P. Morgan. Perhaps, not. It would probably suit his ego, but you can't see Cherie going for it.

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